Rival the Sun

Our signature Ice Series LED displays allow storefronts or virtually any glass surface to become a means to get your message across clearly - even in full daylight

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Saving the Planet Never Looked So Good

Our Green Series LED displays combine cutting-edge technologies to stay energy-efficient without reducing display quality

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Custom-Fit Display Solutions

Our lightweight, versatile Precision Series LED displays can be installed on almost any-sized surface - perfect for custom signage solutions

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Stability • Reliability • Power

WorxDisplays is a Grand Rapids-based company offering custom LED signage, and digital displays to businesses and organizations seeking to empower their advertising portfolio.
The Precision Series employs the smallest pixel pitch in the industry. With pitches ranging from 1.8mm to 6mm the Precision Series displays are an ideal choice for interior retail and rental solutions. Unsurpassed color, vibrancy and clarity make the Precision Series the leading LED displays in the industry. With lightweight magnesium alloy cabinetry available, the Precision Series also allows for installation on curved surfaces.
The Green Series embodies the energy saving and environmentally-friendly concept of LED technology to the fullest. With automatic adjusting brightness thresholds, high-efficiency circuit design and accurate voltage-control system, the Green Series has made a break through in LED display technology.
The Ice Series is a breakthrough innovation in architectural advertising and design. With a transparency up to 90%, the compact Ice Series LED lamps are virtually invisible from the outside of the building, allowing light into the building while displaying vivid images and video messages to the public.

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